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AFUNTA Christmas Sale

AFUNTA 3D printing pen is being offered at a huge discount for holiday season. The AFUNTA Professional 3D printing pen comes with an OLED display. While the big saving is there, you have to be careful about one thing: if you are looking to buy this pen for children, please make sure that they are playing with it under your watchful eyes since the temperature can get very high around the nib.

Scribbler 3D Pen Christmas Sale

Another item that is being offered at a steep discount is the Scribbler 3D Pen V3. It has many more features and may be a bit on the expensive side but with the price cut, it becomes pretty competitive on pricing too. If you ever wanted a pen that will make your imagination run circles around you then this is the time to act. Moreover, this pen also allows you to use ABS, PLA, Flexible, wooden, bronze and copper plastic filaments. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, this is the pen that will do the talking for you. And if that was not enough, there is a satisfaction guarantee attached to the deal as well. If you are not happy with the 3D Pen in 30 days, you can have your money back.

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Best In Class 3D Drawing Pen

Have you have ever dreamt of being able to draw in 3D, then now you can thanks to the amazing 3D pen. The possibilities really are endless with this latest advance in 3D Technology that allows you to put your ideas down on paper, but in a brand new way that really allows those ideas to stand out like never before.

Imagine drawing your favorite animal, an object, a symbol, or anything you want, but this time it is standing out from the paper rather than being a completely flat image. Art has now truly moved into the world of 3D and we can help you to choose the best 3D pen that is available in the market via our website.

Helping You To Choose The Best Pen For You.

Here at best3dprintingpen.com, we specialize in 3D pens and are able to help you to not only choose the best one to fit your needs, but also help you to further understand what is possible with this brand new technology. . We review, we discuss, and we recommend the best pens on the market as we understand that very few people have a real grasp of this technology and that is why we make it so much easier for you to then make an informed decision as to which pen is ideal for your own individual needs.

We here at best3dprintingpen.com are the best in the business and are your one stop shop with both reviewing and then purchasing the best 3D pens that money can buy. Allow your art to come alive and bring your ideas into the modern world all thanks to 3D.

Art already went 3D a couple of years ago and the innovations within the 3d industry have only been increasing. When it comes to this type of printing, the new entry is a 3D Printing pen which allows you to draw a 3d image that stands out of the paper. Manufacturers have seized the new demand for 3D pens to and flood the market with different types and models to meet different requirements. Although finding such pens should not be an overwhelming task, keen consideration should be taken if you want to land the best 3d printing pen. Here are a few insights that can be use to help you with the search.

Things to consider

When discerning existing options to get the best offer, you will need to evaluate specific aspects of the pen in relation to your requirements. Some of the important things to look for when seeking the best 3d printing pen include the following;
• Features – A typical 3D pen does not require or use any software and computer assistance. They are basically stylish pens that are attached to a power source and produce a thin plastic which cools very fast on the paper to allow fast 3d drawing. Nonetheless, there are minor features and attributes that distinguish best pens from the rest. Look for any extra features such as back suction and varied thickness sprays.
• The Filament – The type of filament will greatly influence how you draw and there are different filaments available in the market. It is advisable to choose 3D Filaments that can be easily replaced for use in future projects. The filament generally holds plastic material used in drawing.
• Brand and manufacturer –There are several manufacturers in the market and all of them claim to design the best 3d printing pens. However, only a few designs and products have been proven to offer desirable quality and conveniences. It is therefore important to check the brand, model and manufacturer before purchase. This will help you identify the differences, technologies used, features available and level of quality designed into the pen.
• Customer reviews – Reviews are still very crucial when purchasing any type of product including 3d printing pens. Good reliable pens will obviously have good reviews from people who have already tried them out while lower quality options will have less attractive reviews. Contact previous users and gain more insights about their experiences to have an idea of what you will get in any given option. It is important to compare reviews from different sites since some are just affiliate businesses created to promote the products without offering genuine honest descriptions.


                                                      Most Versatile

3Doodler 2.0 Printing Pen 3Doodler 2.0 -With 6 different nozzles-ribbon tip, square tip, triangle tip, a super-fine 0.6mm nozzle and thicker 1mm and 1.5mm Re-engineered and optimized, is slimmer, lighter, quieter, and easier to use Suitable for both right- and left-handed use I think this makes this pen the most versatile 3d pen for 3d drawings.
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                                                      Best Selling

7Tech 3D Drawing Pen version 20157TECH 3D Drawing Pen Ver. 2015 - The second edition of the 7TECH Printing Pen is lighter (65g) and slimmer which makes easier to fully enjoy 3D drawing. With friendly functions, you can control the speed, temperature, and filament. It also has an advanced unclogging mechanism that prevents jamming of the filament and an auto turn off mode after 5 minutes of no use. It is a lot quieter than the first model.
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                                                      Best Warranty

3d pen - GenesisGENESIS 3D Printing Pen - This new GENESIS 3D Pen is similar to other models in that it has a LED Screen to help facilitate which filament you would like to use, ("ABS" or "PLA") also has heat and speed controls but unlike other pens this model comes with a  100% lifetime warranty and money back guarantee so there is no risk of having a faulty pen.
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                                                      Safest For Kids

3d pen - creopopCreoPop 3D Pen - This new innovative 3D Pen requires no power cord, has no hot parts and uses no melting plastics.  Instead this pen uses LED's and cool ink to help create your 3D drawings. Now with no hot parts, this pen is the safest for kids and they have multiple cool inks, like glow-in-the dark, aromatic, and even temperature sensitive ink.
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