Most Clever Facebook Status

Clever Status For Facebook  is For the clever man and women who want to show cleverness of their mind in their status.

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Short Clever Facebook Status

1 – I surprise surprises
2 – Be opportunity maker
3 – Just waiting for a waiter
4 – Are you a decision maker?
5 – Stop being a China product
6 – Life has what you see in it
7 – Always make a firm statement
8 – Am just a saint! No mistakes
9 – Global warming found me here
10 – We are the texting generation
11 – That fake idea was from China
12 – Removing a thorn from my flesh
13 – Very clever with a stupid look
14 – Better be slow but in progress
15 – Friendship is a hurt heal thing
16 – I learn from mistakes of others
17 – Big head doesn’t mean big brain
18 – Dare to live again with a smile
19 – Everything in life is discipline
20 – Hot chics make good trophy wives
21 – What is the rule of life? Love it
22 – If you have ideas wake up and act
23 – Do not be a judge without a court
24 – Never trading truth for friendship
25 – Women can be a good property to own
26 – Create space for your blood to flow
27 – Created to eat what comes on my way

most clever status

Long Clever Facebook Status.

2 – Learn to appreciate the whole of you
3 – Love is never found in my dictionary
4 – Bringing heaven on earth for a party
5 – No longer a dream killer but builder
6 – Not every gain which comes from pain
7 – Adolescence is never a lifetime thing
8 – Changing is just a matter of decision
9 – Managing my BMI is just a daily slogan
10 – Too busy to entertain nonsense in life
11 – Mind of opportunities never gets a miss
12 – Try what you think you can be able to do
13 – Buy a chips bag and add air in your body
14 – Never be a door in another person’s life
15 – Fools day is always there to some people
16 – No longer waiting for the unborn beauties
17 – Construction is in the hands of a builder
18 – Standing firm at the door of opportunities
19 – Every man is a boy but all boys are not men
20 – Being a brother keeper as a sister go astray
21 – The way to be happy is to make someone happy
22 – Never accommodate what is unworthy living for
23 – Be V-Pack guys because we are tired of 6 packs
24 – Do not dry your bones when you are still young
25 – Living without bitterness is the best medicine
26 – Live your life and remember to subdue the earth
27 – Studying doesn’t mean all wisdom is stored in me
28 – No longer uses small letters while talking to you
29 – Enjoy life today for tomorrow belongs to the owner
30 – Long explanation is not effective in blood Group o+
31 – You can mind my business but you can never change it
32 – Living for a cause is the most effective way of life
33 – Too lazy to get a bowlful of soup from grandma’s pot
34 – Never postpone your goal but choose to score it today
35 – If someone steps on you give him a high-five thank you
36 – Misunderstanding is the greatest confusion between two
37 – Just accept when you are wrong and correct your mistake
38 – If someone is too noisy but some superglue on their lips
39 – Don’t my handwriting because it comes in different fonts
40 – If you do not pay tax do not demonstrate for anything hike
41 – A small insect like mosquito can cause trauma in a village
42 – I’ll listen to your opinion but it will not affect my stand
43 – Live a guiltless life if you believe everything you do is right
44 – A womb carries three professionals, Doctor, Preacher and a Witchdoctor